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As teachers, you know more than anyone about the daily hurdles that teachers and students face in Chicago’s public school classrooms every day. Share your hard-earned experience and commitment so that all of Chicago can benefit from your professional expertise.

The VIVA Project (Voices Ideas Vision Action) is designed to ensure that you have a voice in shaping policies that directly influence what happens in your classrooms. CEO Jean-Claude Brizard is anxious to hear your ideas and will Invite a group of you to discuss the result of this collaboration.

We need your ideas, your classroom experience, and your participation. Share your voice. Speak out. Make change happen!

The VIVA Project is determined to give classroom teachers a chance to collaborate and bring their professional judgment to bear on a 21st century school calendar. In any discussion about school structure, compensation is an important issue. Strict legal constructs are in place to determine salary, and benefits for public school teachers. So, while this is not the place to discuss compensation, we do acknowledge that it is a concern.

Our Question

We strive for our students to succeed in a technology-driven, global world, yet we currently rely on a 19th-century structure for our schools. If you could redesign the school structure to best fit the needs of your students at this 21st century moment of rapid change, what would the school day, week, and year look like?

So, what do you think of the longer ...
Phillip D., High School Teacher
So, we have a new contract and we're about to get a new school calendar. I think that ...
Comments (0) | 23rd Sep 2012
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Pulaski Day and Columbus Day Holidays
Edward D., 11th Grade Teacher
As a Polish American teacher, I wish to communicate my extreme anger at your ...
Comments (2) | 18th Mar 2012
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Parental Involvement
Suzanne O., Elementary School Teacher
I believe that parents of many students do not understand the value of their role. If we ...
Comments (0) | 1st Dec 2011
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Quality VS. Quantity
Lisa D., Elementary School Teacher
I agree with many posts that extending the school day and the number of minutes is not ...
Comments (2) | 4th Nov 2011
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Mitch L., Others Teacher
I am new here as I have been off email for quite a while so if I am redundant, or step on ...
Comments (0) | 4th Nov 2011
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School counselors....counseling!
Kristy B., 8th Grade Teacher
CPS students NEED licensed school counselors to be allowed to teach classroom guidance, ...
Comments (0) | 2nd Nov 2011
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Be bold, Chicago. Stand up to Kill ...
Adam H., High School Teacher
Testing our students to death serves only to kill their creativity and abilities in ...
Comments (15) | 12th Oct 2011
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Yvonne T., Elementary School Teacher
 Realistically speaking, some students are done by lunch. Some students don't wake ...
Comments (14) | 13th Oct 2011
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Longer Day
Brian G., 3rd Grade Teacher
I agree with the next contract there should be a longer day without just throwing it in ...
Comments (9) | 13th Oct 2011
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Technology, enrichment, and targeted ...
Lindsay H., 1st Grade Teacher
Based on reading other teachers' posts here, I put together this idea for how to ...
Comments (11) | 20th Oct 2011
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90 more minutes
Jeronna H., 4th Grade Teacher
I am very concerned about the additional 90 minutes.  I really think that using this ...
Comments (8) | 17th Oct 2011
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Parallel Block Schedule
David Q., Elementary School Teacher
I would like to see CPS use the extended school day to implement  a Parallel Block ...
Comments (8) | 13th Oct 2011
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This post from Lindsay lays out a creative school day schedule and generated several comments. Would this schedule work in your school? Is anything missing?

Technology, enrichment, and ...
Lindsay H., 1st Grade Teacher
Based on reading other teachers' posts here, I put together this idea for how to ...
Comments (11) | 20th Oct 2011
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This post makes a plea for phys ed, arts and music instruction and is supported by research identified by our partners at National Louis University. The need for more time for non-core subjects is a constant thread throughout this online conversation. How would you convince taxpayers and lawmakers that more drilling and testing is not the answer to increased student learning?
Addressing the whole child
David M., Elementary School Teacher
The current trend in schools today is spend more time teaching the core subject areas, ...
Comments (4) | 23rd Oct 2011
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