VIVA Teachers Chicago - How it Works?

How it Works?

Step One:  Between now and the end of October, share your voice and get involved in the discussions. For the next few weeks, you and other CPS classroom teachers have the opportunity to make your voices heard.  Share your hard-earned experiences so that all of Chicago can benefit from your professional expertise. 


The VIVA Project is designed to ensure that you have a voice in shaping policies that directly influence what happens in your classrooms.  CEO Jean-Claude Brizard is anxious to hear your ideas and will invite a group of you to discuss the results of this collaboration. 


What we are asking is simple:


Think about the question.  Read ideas by other classroom teachers.  Add your own comments and ideas.   Base them on your real-world experience!


Vote, comment, share your voice. Get involved.  Stay involved yourself and bring other CPS teachers into the conversation   


Step Two:  At the end of October, the discussion will close and a VIVA Chicago Task Force will be selected from this online community and you have a chance to be a part of it.  This group will be tasked to assemble a final report for CEO Jean-Claude Brizard.  This report will reflect a summary of all of the best ideas, insights and recommendations proposed by you and the other CPS teachers from this online community. 


Step Three:  The VIVA Chicago Task Force will deliver their Task Force Report and recommendations directly to Jean-Claude Brizard.